Real Life Snippet #10

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The phone is ringing and SHERRI checks the Caller ID to see it is her MOTHER phoning. After a brief pause in which SHERRI contemplates ignoring the call, she goes against her better judgment and answers the phone. Pleasantries are exchanged between SHERRI and her MOTHER and then the true nature of the call is revealed.

MOM: Do you remember your second cousin MEE from Pennsylvania?

SHERRI: Not really. I mean, I know I have a cousin MEE from PA but I don’t remember her. I know she’s older than me.

MOM: Oh, well she’s on Facebook. I found her and sent her a message.


MOM: And she responded. She wasn’t sure who I was until she asked her mother, my cousin PE.


MOM: I told her you were on Facebook too.

SHERRI: Oh. Okay.

MOM: I told her she should add you and you girls should become friends.

SHERRI: Mom. The last time I saw her I was about 8 years old. What could we possibly say via FACEBOOK?

MOM: Well, she seemed happy to hear you were on there. It will be nice. She was very excited about it.


SHERRI is at her computer and receives a Facebook Friend Request from her long-lost second cousin MEE. SHERRI, believing her MOTHER that her long-lost cousin is EXCITED to find SHERRI on Facebook, expects to see a message filled with long-lost memories of Summer vacations, ice cream trucks, amusement park visits and pool parties along with the friend request. After all, SHERRI thinks, “MEE is older; she must have lots of memories of us from back then.”  SHERRI thinks to herself that maybe her MOTHER was right- this could be fun. After all, SHERRI thinks to herself, “MEE is excited to reconnect, I should be also!”

Marie EE added you as a friend on Facebook.  We need to confirm that you know Marie in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

Marie EE says, “I am your second cousin . I think.  Thats what your mom says so I guess I believe her. I don’t know. “

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